Weekly Reads

Since it’s Monday, and I’ve been actually posting on this blog regularly for a couple weeks now, I wanted to try to a few new things and see how you guys like them. If you hate this idea of doing a “weekly reads” let me know!

Basically I want my weekly reads to be something where we can talk about anything, from our weeks, to what we plan on reading, or doing! I want to get to know all of you better, and I like hearing what people are reading and doing! It can be things for this upcoming week, or things from last week, it’s pretty open.

This week I have two main books that I plan on reading, and one that I’m still deciding on.

Amazon.com: Home Before Dark: A Novel eBook: Sager, Riley: Kindle ...

I want to finish Home Before Dark, hopefully today. It’s been okay so far. I was really hyping it up for myself, since everyone seems to love it and Riley Sager. I’m on chapter 15, and so far it’s been okay to me. I’ve been reading it pretty fast, partially due to some creepy things happening, part because I’m searching for the major creep factor. This has gotten me to wonder if maybe thrillers aren’t for me though, because in these first 300 ~ish pages, I’m still looking for something *more*

Midnight Sun,' by Stephenie Meyer book review - The Washington Post

I also want to read more in Midnight Sun. Yes I know *that* book. But I’ll say it freely, I am Twilight trash. 5th grade me loved it, and fell particularly in love with Emmett Cullen, and 22 year old me feels the same way. I’m a measly two chapters in, but I am here for sassy Edward, and getting to see even more of the Cullens. Hopefully I’ll make a rather large dent in it.

My last book is if by some magical thing I finish both of these books, I want to revisit The Name of the Wind. I started it back in June, proceeded to put it down, and haven’t touched it since. It is now sitting on my guilty pile.

Other than that I don’t have much planned. I want to hopefully go to a nursery, or a store and see if I can get a new snake plant (since my step-dad accidentally over watered mine and it got root rot), and see if there are any new hanging plants. I love plants, and collecting new ones, so I’m always on the hunt for ones to add to my collection.

I also want to bring my dog to the dog park. She’s been a little extra skittish lately, and I think her getting to play with her dog friend would be great for her.

I know, I’m pretty basic and boring, but what about you? Any plans? Books?

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  1. Ah, I loved The Name of the Wind! But then, I’m into long, slow books. 😅 Still, the detail of those books makes it hard to wait for the last in the projected trilogy. I may like long books, but I don’t want to have to re-read them to prepare for the finale!

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    1. I feel that!! That’s also part of the reason I’ve been putting it off, because we have no idea when/if the third book will be published

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