Best & Worst of 2020

Is 202 over already? Yes. Did I wait to write this until my birthday? Also yes. Do I regret it? Maybe. But without further ado, here's my best and worst of 2020! I'm including both books, and life events in here! Mostly because I don't have too many life events, and I reviewed most of... Continue Reading →

All My 2020 DNFs

It's the end of the year! Well almost. Enough that I'm just hoping to finish the 4 books I'm currently reading! But I wanted to talk about all the books I chose not to finish this year. This is specifically about books I put down and plan on not picking up again (so The Bear... Continue Reading →

(A Hopeful) August TBR

I'm not one to make a TBR, I'm usually the type to just read whatever I want, whenever I want. But with that comes with me just putting down a book and it being years, if ever, for me to pick it back up again. I've been good so far with that this year, I'll... Continue Reading →

Weekly Reads

Since it's Monday, and I've been actually posting on this blog regularly for a couple weeks now, I wanted to try to a few new things and see how you guys like them. If you hate this idea of doing a "weekly reads" let me know! Basically I want my weekly reads to be something... Continue Reading →

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