Weekly Reads

Hello hello! How are you on this beautiful Monday? It looks like we’re finally hitting high 60’s this week so I’m very excited! I also got more hooks so I can hopefully finish hanging up my decor in my apartment since I moved. But my ramblings aside. Reading! My reading the past few weeks has... Continue Reading →

Weekly Reads

Hello hello! I hope you all are having a great start to your week! I know I said a few weeks ago I’d have a review for A Little Life up, and I do apologize but it’s coming! I promise. Work just got busy and everything else took the back burner. But besides that I... Continue Reading →

Coming back (again I know)

Hello hello everyone! I’m so sorry for disappearing again. I guess finding my footing and remembering to make the blog a priority again is harder than expected. I do this great thing where since I work on the computer for work I don’t touch my computer when I get home. It’s great! Except for this... Continue Reading →

New Week and a Weekly Reads

Hello hello everyone! Happy start to another week, it’s gonna be great! Last week i didn’t do much reading except for the weekend. I got through The Keeper of the Night which I’ve been reading since like December! I need to write up a review, but I loved it minus Ren. Which makes things a... Continue Reading →

Weekly Reads

Hell hello my little featherlings! I hope you all have been doing great and getting into the holiday spirit! I took a much need mini break full of breath of the wild and animal crossing. And now I’m in the midst debating if I should flatten my island. But that’s a talk for another day.... Continue Reading →

You’ve Reach Sam Out Now!

In case you missed my review of You've Reached Sam, you should go check it out, because I LOVED this book. It hurt me in all the right ways, while making me stay hopeful and grieve with Julie. In a year where 've read a lot of mediocre books, this wasn't one of them so... Continue Reading →

Weekly Reads

Hello hello my lovely friends! I’m going to stop apologizing for disappearing now lol. Along with recently moving I also started a new job. So that last few weeks have been a lot of schedule changes, adjustments, and helping get my dog to adjust to a new place. But things look like they’re finally starting... Continue Reading →

Weekly Reads

Wow HELLO my little featherlings! It's been what almost a month?? I'm so sorry! I did not mean to, the last month got a little crazy, since I had to move and find a new apartment rather quickly. So I've been frantically searching, packing, and cleaning. We are all good now, so hopefully I'm back!... Continue Reading →

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