A New Start and Coming Back in 2022 (Weekly Reads)

Hello hello my little featherlings! Happy (super duper late) new year! Also peep the new colors! Do you like? It's been quite the month so far. I did want to give a little I'm sorry for disappearing. To be honest, I took another (accidental but much needed) hiatus. Over the last few months, I haven't... Continue Reading →

Weekly Reads

Hell hello my little featherlings! I hope you all have been doing great and getting into the holiday spirit! I took a much need mini break full of breath of the wild and animal crossing. And now I’m in the midst debating if I should flatten my island. But that’s a talk for another day.... Continue Reading →

You’ve Reach Sam Out Now!

In case you missed my review of You've Reached Sam, you should go check it out, because I LOVED this book. It hurt me in all the right ways, while making me stay hopeful and grieve with Julie. In a year where 've read a lot of mediocre books, this wasn't one of them so... Continue Reading →

Weekly Reads

Hello hello my lovely friends! I’m going to stop apologizing for disappearing now lol. Along with recently moving I also started a new job. So that last few weeks have been a lot of schedule changes, adjustments, and helping get my dog to adjust to a new place. But things look like they’re finally starting... Continue Reading →

Weekly Reads

Wow HELLO my little featherlings! It's been what almost a month?? I'm so sorry! I did not mean to, the last month got a little crazy, since I had to move and find a new apartment rather quickly. So I've been frantically searching, packing, and cleaning. We are all good now, so hopefully I'm back!... Continue Reading →

Weekly Reads

Hello hello!! Sorry I accidentally went MIA again! I genuinely didn’t mean to this time i didn’t realize until this weekend I never actually scheduled the posts I have done. So be on the lookout for those! I also have two reviews for ARCs coming at you soon, and I have to say I squealed... Continue Reading →

Weekly Reads (but on a Thursday?)

Hello my featherlings! Happy Thursday? I'm doing this super late this week aren't I? Well better late than never. I've been pretty busy, but now I'm ready to get back into the swing of things. I've been taking Penny to a trainer to work on her being good off leash. Aka we're working on my... Continue Reading →

Weekly Reads and an Update

Hello hello hello my little featherlings!! Sorry I've been gone! I wish I could say I'll be back to my normal posting schedule, but I don't think I'm ready just yet. A close family member of mine recently got super sick, so my life has been visiting them, working on memory, and taking care of... Continue Reading →

Weekly Reads and May Wrap-Up

Hello hello my featherlings (yeah I'm sticking with it for now)! I can't believe we're already in June. I was not ready for it at all lol. It feels like 2021 is flying by and I'm not sure if it's a good thing or a bad thing. But here we are! I'm currently trying to... Continue Reading →

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