The Smashing and Dashing Character Awards for 2020

Huge thank you to Amber and Samantha as Bibliomavens for tagging me. Go check out their blog, they both read such different books, have great review, and even do writing prompts (I know they do it all!)! So, go check them out now! For this tag I'm only going to talk about books I read... Continue Reading →

Meet the Book Blogger Tag!

What is the Meet the Book Blogger Tag? Here is the Meet the Book Blogger tag! The lovely ladies over at Bibliomavens came up with ten questions to talk about yourself, your reading habits, your favorite (or not so favorite) books, your ever-growing TBR, and more! It’s just an opportunity for us as bloggers to... Continue Reading →

The Black Cat Blue Sea Award Tag

Thank you to both Samantha and Amber over at Bibliomavens for nominating me! Take a look at their blog, they have such great review, a beautiful theme, and they both read such vastly different books that you're bound to love them! What is the Black Cat Blue Sea Award? This award is for bloggers who... Continue Reading →

Outstanding Blogger Award

Ahh I want to give a HUGE thank you to Rachel at A Bookworm's Paradise for nominating me for this! I love her blog and all of her thoughts on everything she reads! Even her answers were great and got me to laugh (especially the gifs) (you can see her answers here) So let's get... Continue Reading →

Sunshine Blogger Award

 Hey guys! Happy Friday, I hope you're staying warm. It snowed here today, and I am very upset about it. In order to pretend like it's nice outside, I decided today would be the perfect day to do the sunshine blogger award! I was tagged for The Sunshine Blogger Award by WindowsToWorlds! Thank you so much... Continue Reading →

Liebster Award!

Thank you so much to M.T. over at The Last Book on the Left for nominating me! I was tagged two weeks ago, and I wanted to do it right away, but then moving took a battering ram to my posting hopes. But now I'm hopefully back, and this seemed like the best way to... Continue Reading →

Quarantine Book Tag

Happy Friday everyone! I saw this tag over on Way Too Fantasy and it looked like so much fun. I'm a little late to the party, but I when am I not? This tag was originally created by Our Book Nook on YouTube! Let's get into the tag shall we?? MUST-HAVE A book you *have*... Continue Reading →

The Finished Book Tag

Hey everyone, I decided since I always post on Fridays, I wanna switch it up. I'm going to alternate between a book tag, and Flashback Fridays (which is coming next week!) to try to make things more fun for all of us! This week I saw the Finished Book Tag over on O. D. Book... Continue Reading →

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