Tokyo Ghoul Manga Review

Tokyo Ghoul by Sui Ishida

4/5 stars

I will admit I might have gone on a *slight* binge with the Tokyo Ghoul manga. Okay so maybe a major binge. I told myself I was only going to read the first 6 volumes, since that’s what I currently own. But obviously that didn’t happen.

I read the first 6 volumes in two days, looked into order the next ones, but saw that my library had them all available. So I got the rest of the volumes, and now we’re here. I read all 14 volumes in less than a week, and I have a lot of thoughts. The first being, I need to watch the anime now and see how I feel about the differences. The second being, WOW what a change.

In Tokyo there are ghouls that look and act just like humans. The only difference, they eat humans. In Tokyo Ghoul specifically, it follow Ken Kaneki. A normal college student, who just wants to read. He’s shy, and quiet, and really only has one friend, Hide. But after an unexpected night where he has to face off with a ghoul, he has found himself the accidental recipient of said ghouls organs. It was a life saving procedure, that ended up changing his life. Now he has to find out where he belongs — the human world, or the ghoul world.

Okay so I decided to make this review kind of like an in the moment update. Since I read them all within a few days, I figured it’d be fun to write down my immediate likes and dislikes to see how they evolve as more things get revealed.

Volumes 1-7:

Things I liked:

  • Hide. He is such an adorable human being, and I love how much he cares for Kanecki. He notices all the little things about him, and tries to push him out of his comfort zone. Honestly 10/10 friend.
  • UTA. In these volumes he’s just a mask maker, but I’m intrigued and I want, no need to know more.
  • YOMO. I don’t know much about him this early, but man I loved him.
  • Hinamari. She is adorable, and I like that the series brought in such a contrast to Rize so early on. It really helps make the reader think like Kanecki when he’s trying to figure out which species is in the wrong.
  • Nishio, or rather Nishio’s girlfriend. I loved seeing how hard it is for ghouls and humans to live together, and if she doesn’t show up again I’m gonna be sad.
  • The twist at the end of volume 7. I knew it was coming, but dang I didn’t know it was coming THAT early. It was a very obvious shift from the setup of the series to the meat and bones.

Things I didn’t like:

  • Kaneki is at this point, kind of bland. He’s just quiet. But I want more. I want to see how he evolves.
  • Amon again seems bland. Like a white sheet of paper that needs more emotions.
  • Touka. I feltl ike she was gonna be super strong, and so far she seems like C level.
  • The lack of description on kagunes and quinques is a little annoying, but the explanation comes later.
  • Honestly the fight scenes. (this is an overall complaint), I think they’re a little confusing, and there’s just a lot of lines so it makes it hard to determine what’s going on.

Volumes 8-11:

Things I liked:

  • KEN KANEKI!! Finally we got to see how he is post everything. How quickly he can come unhinged, his desire to be good, and this series did not shy away from the following effects from everything.
  • UTA and TOMO, I love them even more and still only have a base level. Don’t ask me why, the only thing I can guess is they make my middle school emo phase self happy.
  • Aogori. Things just started getting revealed, and showing how deep things go. It’s so exciting, and all the characters connecting to it in some way is even better.
  • Banjo is such a sweetheart, and I want to protect him.
  • All the the twists and turns. I have some ideas on some of them, like Kano, but man does Kanecki take some MASSIVE turns I was not expecting.
  • Suzuya. Am I scared of him? Yes. Do I still love him? Yes.

Things I didn’t like:

  • The criminals that have escaped from the prison. I just want to see how they are important.
  • Rize. I’m honestly a little bored with her always being mentioned. Maybe it’ll be some huge explanation, but right now it’s just meh.
  • Hide. When I saw him I out loud said “oh no baby what is you doing” Why the hair? Why the Ghoul investigators?
  • Amon. Sorry to bring it up again, but man I still think he’s boring. He had what could be (or still will be) a great backstory, but I’m left feeling like he’s just plain oatmeal.

Volumes 12-14

Things I liked:

  • Kaneki finally realizing why he acted the way he did, and coming FULL circle.
  • I love the ghouls coming together to protect Anteiku
  • So many things were partially revealed, and now I HAVE to read Tokyo Ghoul :re
  • Everyone telling Keneki to live made my heart so happy.
  • Hide, he’s SO SUPPORTIVE.

Things I didn’t like:

  • Amon. He didn’t even seem like he was trying to protect anyone, or even fight.
  • If my questions about Rize don’t get answered in the next series I’ll be mad.
  • The epilogue???? Are you telling me people don’t recognize him??

This was such a wild ride! I couldn’t stop reading and had no idea what would happen next from volume 1 to volume 14. If you for some reason haven’t read this yet, you should!

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  1. This series caught my eye a while ago, and I loved what I saw of the anime. Honestly, I think I would have enjoyed seeing the full development of the characters, but I knew there were some serious torture scenes coming up and I just couldn’t stomach that in a visual medium. Maybe someday I’ll work up the nerve to just power through it!

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    1. It definitely gets very graphic. The character development is superb, but there’s an excessive amount of gore, blood, violence, etc.

      Liked by 1 person

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