Things Have Gotten Worse Since We Last Spoke Review

Things Have Gotten Worse Since We Last Spoke by Eric LaRocca



I can’t say much on this, since it’s so short (by short I mean like 200 pages). But what I CAN say is this is about the BDSM relationship between two women online in the early 2000s and how much they affect one another.

My Thoughts

WOW. I have so many thoughts in such a short time. I’m going to start with the format. It took place over IM chat and email, but it didn’t feel like that. No point did I think it felt segmented or even gimmicky. It felt…right? I felt horrified that two people would do such heinous acts so far away from each other, yet I understood. Even the idea that people were so willing to put such private information into an easily trackable platform. Today you could NEVER.

But also reading, feeling, experiencing the loneliness the two women felt and the utter need to be wanted by another person felt too real and too heartbreaking. The talent LaRocca possesses to make me feel all these things in 200 pages is outstanding and I applaud him. I even may have yelled when I got to the ending. Because EXCUSE ME?!

That aside, I loved this book, yet any rating I choose feels wrong. This feels like a book where loving it is wrong, but I can’t help it. I’d say it’s more psychological than straight up horror, but that doesn’t make me love it any less. I know some people did not agree with LaRocca’s portrayal of women and made it feel fetishized, but to me I feel like the portrayal fit the point of the book. To show just how far a human will go to fulfil their need.

Would I Recommend?

YES, wait, NO. I don’t know. This is such a hard one. I think if you like weird books and are in search of a new weird read then pick this up immediately. If you prefer explanations, understanding how things work, or like a lot of build up I’d say pass on this.

If there’s one thing I’m fully aware of that’s how weird this book is and how not for everyone it is. But those who it is meant for will definitely enjoy it.

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