Weekly Reads and an Update

Hello hello hello my little featherlings!! Sorry I’ve been gone! I wish I could say I’ll be back to my normal posting schedule, but I don’t think I’m ready just yet. A close family member of mine recently got super sick, so my life has been visiting them, working on memory, and taking care of their pet. So I haven’t had much time to come here and write my posts. Or honestly, I should say type out my posts lol.

I have I think 4 (maybe 5?) review written out, I just need to physically type them, which somehow feels like more work than writing them? But I’ll get there eventually! There’s a few things I’ve been tagged in that I want to do (I just need to find them lol) so if you tagged me in something, I promise I’m going to do it!!!!

Also before I get into what I’m reading, I have one more update lol. My dog is officially considered healthy! That probably sounds weird since I didn’t share any of that on here lol but she’s healthy! For the past month now we dealt with a pretty severe intestinal infection, and once that cleared up we found a tumor on her backside. So to say I was stressed and watching her with every spare moment I had and couldn’t blog, is frankly an understatement. She had a last minute surgery to remove the tumor, had to wear a hard cone for two weeks, wasn’t allowed to go to the bathroom alone, was in pain when she went to the bathroom, and I anxiously waited her biopsy results.

After a LONG two weeks, we got it bac and she’s considered healthy! So hopefully no more from her lol.

But other than that, I’ve been doing quite a bit of reading. I’m giving Malibu Rising a shot, but I don’t think I’m going to enjoy that much to be completely honest. I’m about a quarter of the way through The Dragon Republic (FINALLY) and I’m loving every second. I also read volumes 9-11 of Demon Slayer, preparing for season 2. Hopefully I’ll read the next couple of volumes in the next couple of days as well. At this point I’m dying to finish it.

I also decided that after The Dragon Republic I’m going to give The Name of the Wind it’s last shot. I’m going to jump to where he’s at the school, and if I still don’t enjoy it, then it’s not for me. Which is a bummer, but oh well not everything can be great, and my reading year has been pretty average so far.

What about you guys?? Anything I missed, fun great reads, life events, etc???

6 thoughts on “Weekly Reads and an Update

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  1. I’m so glad to hear your dog is doing better, and I really hope things start looking up for your family member soon, too! ❤
    I’m also happy to hear you’re enjoying The Dragon Republic (props to both of us for taking forever to read it 😁), and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that Kvothe at school will finally manage to convince you of The Name of the Wind’s greatness 😅

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  2. I’m glad your dog is officially healthy! Hopefully your family member will be in a similar healthy state soon. ❤

    Yeah, I often find it’s harder to actually type up a post than to write it. I can often think up several paragraphs in a day, but I’m usually lucky if I can get three typed in the same time. 😓 Ah, well. Just keep swimming, I guess. 🐟

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