A laugh is all it takes. A laugh to echo through the walls A laugh to heal all aches and pains A laugh to open the flood gates. Once the flood gates have opened There is no stopping them. Water gushes out sweeping away everything Uncaring of what or why Everything is gone. Once the... Continue Reading →

Falling Down the Rabbit Hole Again

They welcome me back with open arms. Ready to greet an old friend. Each photo is still covering the walls, and it feels like I am finally home. I can tell they've been waiting. Ready to greet an old friend that they have desperately been waiting for. Afraid I would never come back, the excitement... Continue Reading →

Yet Another Writing Update

Wow, so I guess I haven't posted in a long time. Maybe a month? It's been a while, and I apologize. School has literally taken over my life. I am drowning in homework, and despite having an entire week off I'm still drowning. My professors just used it as a time to give extra long... Continue Reading →

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