Writing Update

WOW. Okay, so it’s been a HOT minute since I did one of these, and even longer since I did a real one. But I finally have enough to count as an update, albeit a minor one. I’ve been skating away at the notebook and pen trying to come up with a concept, and by... Continue Reading →

(A LOooOng and Overdue) Writing Update!

I was getting ready to sit down and update you all on my book, when I realized it's been MONTHS since I said anything about it. Which I guess we can't be surprised. I'm your resident ghoster (which I promise I'm sorry for and I'm gonna try REAL HARD to not do that anymore). But... Continue Reading →

Yet Another Writing Update

Wow, so I guess I haven't posted in a long time. Maybe a month? It's been a while, and I apologize. School has literally taken over my life. I am drowning in homework, and despite having an entire week off I'm still drowning. My professors just used it as a time to give extra long... Continue Reading →

Writing my Life Away

I know that in a previous post I touched on the fact that I have always dreamed of being an author. I have always loved writing, and I have always hoped one day I could have a published book out in the world. Even at a young age I wanted it. I felt I had... Continue Reading →

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