Weekly Reads

Hello hello!! Sorry I accidentally went MIA again! I genuinely didn’t mean to this time i didn’t realize until this weekend I never actually scheduled the posts I have done. So be on the lookout for those! I also have two reviews for ARCs coming at you soon, and I have to say I squealed... Continue Reading →

Weekly Reads (but on a Thursday?)

Hello my featherlings! Happy Thursday? I'm doing this super late this week aren't I? Well better late than never. I've been pretty busy, but now I'm ready to get back into the swing of things. I've been taking Penny to a trainer to work on her being good off leash. Aka we're working on my... Continue Reading →

Weekly Reads and an Update

Hello hello hello my little featherlings!! Sorry I've been gone! I wish I could say I'll be back to my normal posting schedule, but I don't think I'm ready just yet. A close family member of mine recently got super sick, so my life has been visiting them, working on memory, and taking care of... Continue Reading →

Weekly Reads and May Wrap-Up

Hello hello my featherlings (yeah I'm sticking with it for now)! I can't believe we're already in June. I was not ready for it at all lol. It feels like 2021 is flying by and I'm not sure if it's a good thing or a bad thing. But here we are! I'm currently trying to... Continue Reading →

Weekly Reads and Getting Back on Track

Hello my lovely little featherings! I'm back after yet ANOTHER accidental hiatus. Maybe one day I'll stop just disappearing, or maybe I should just do away with a schedule? Anyway, as you probably saw I'M BACK (for now). I had a bunch of stuff come up at once that consisted of me driving ALL over... Continue Reading →

Weekly Reads (but on a Wednesday?)

Hi everyone!! Yeah you read that right, after a couple months being gone, my Weekly Reads is back! Today. Hopefully it'll show up again Monday, but we'll see lol. But for now we're here! Before I get into what I'm reading I wanted to apologize for my two? week long hiatus. I had some pretty... Continue Reading →

Weekly Reads

Hey guys! Sorry I accidentally took a 2 week hiatus! I didn't mean to, but I haven't really been feeling like typing or reading, or doing much for that matter. But here I am hoping things are only going to improve. This week I'm hoping to read more of (or even finish) The Helm of... Continue Reading →

Weekly Reads

Hello, hello! Happy Monday! What are all of you up to this week? I have a rather average week coming up! I have my normal work schedule, I'm trying to decorate my island in Animal Crossing, and hopefully will read. I didn't do a weekly reads post last week, partly because I forgot, but mostly... Continue Reading →

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