You’ve Reach Sam Out Now!

In case you missed my review of You’ve Reached Sam, you should go check it out, because I LOVED this book. It hurt me in all the right ways, while making me stay hopeful and grieve with Julie.

In a year where ‘ve read a lot of mediocre books, this wasn’t one of them so please go check it out! It was released TODAY!

In case you need a little refresher, You’ve Reached Sam’s synopsis is…

What would you do if you had the chance to talk to someone you love one more time? Julie’s life is perfectly on track. She’s got a loving boyfriend, plans to move after high school graduation, and all of it with the end in sight. Until Sam dies. Now Julie has no idea what to do, she feels lost, blaming herself for his passing. She impulsively decides to pick up the phone to call him just to his the voice on his answering machine. Only, he picks up.

Get ready for your heart to hurt, and some tissues ready. Because this is definitely a book I recommend. Not to mention how beautiful that cover is!

To get your copy go to:

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