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Hello hello!! Sorry I accidentally went MIA again! I genuinely didn’t mean to this time i didn’t realize until this weekend I never actually scheduled the posts I have done. So be on the lookout for those!

I also have two reviews for ARCs coming at you soon, and I have to say I squealed like a little girl when I got one of them. Which incidentally I’ll be finishing today. My review for Empire of the Vampire will be coming out on Wednesday and I almost cried out of excitement when I got approved for the “chapter sampler” (it’s like 400 pages so like HALF the book) and I read it immediately. One of my most anticipated books of the year was ready for me FINALLY. I also have a review for Crossbones coming super soon! It’s a super fun pirate book that perfectly fit what I was searching for.

Other than that I plan on reading Son of the Storm which I’m super excited for. It looks like it’ll be my Jew favorite book based on the reviews of people that I usually fit with. If I somehow manage to finish that this week I’ll dive right into These Violent Delights which I’ve been putting off for AGES. So needless to say I’m going to be quite busy the next week. I’m also planning on taking Penny on a hike or swimming sometime this week since it’s shorter!

What about you guys? Any plans reading or otherwise?

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  1. I keep meaning to read Son of the Storm because it sounds good. I even got an ARC months back but I tried to read it and wasn’t in the right mindspace at the time to get past the info dump/world building right in the first two chapters. Don’t start that when you’re tired!

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      1. I feel like it’ll be worth reading when I eventually get to it but yeah, want to be prepared for dealing with all the world building – it sounds quite different to a lot of fantasy around (aka not inspired by medieval Europe) which is great but also means that I’ll have to pay more attention to the world building.

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