Weekly Reads and May Wrap-Up

Hello hello my featherlings (yeah I’m sticking with it for now)! I can’t believe we’re already in June. I was not ready for it at all lol. It feels like 2021 is flying by and I’m not sure if it’s a good thing or a bad thing. But here we are!

I’m currently trying to finish a couple review books, which shouldn’t be too bad since I’m almost done with one. I have about an hour and a half left in An Ignorance of Means, and I’m about halfway through The Warden’s Legacy. Which I’m really enjoying. I LOVE dragon stories, so this is perfect for me.

I’m also hoping to get back into Never Let Me Go, provided my library will renew my library card over the phone. Otherwise I’m going to be getting back into The Dragon Republic (I just haven’t been in the mood for sad books so I’ve been avoiding it). What about you guys? What are you reading?

As for what I read in May, it wasn’t bad, but it DEFINITELY wasn’t great. I only read 3 books, and finished one that I had started in April. So not bad, but not great. And I promise I’ll be posting the reviews for everything I’m missing (hopefully). I might post two a week just to get caught up as well. But no more stalling here are the books!!

  • You’ve Reached Sam, great book! This is the book I started at the end of April and finished in May You can see my review here!
  • If I Had Your Face by Frances Cha. This had all the working of a book that could’ve been my absolute favorite, but it fell flat. 3/5 stars
  • Grit: The Power of Passion and Perserverance by Angela Duckworth. This was my first?? nonfiction of the year! I thought it was okay. There was some stuff I really enjoyed, some stuff that has been disproved/I didn’t like. But overall a good read if you’re getting down about things.

And that’s all! Significantly shorter than last year’s May where I read 18 books lol. But you know life happens and as long as you enjoy reading that’s all that matters. What about you guys what was your favorite read of May?

5 thoughts on “Weekly Reads and May Wrap-Up

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  1. featherlings sounds so cute haha. i’m super hyped to read you’ve reached same because #1 the review is just>>>> and #2 the cover is just aesthetically pleasing and sooo stunning~ lovely review!

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  2. The Warden’s Legacy sounds interesting! I’m always keen on dragon stories too. 😄

    Speaking of dragons, I just recently finished Turning Darkness Into Light, a sort of follow-up to Marie Brennan’s Memoirs of Lady Trent series. I’m still staggered by the world-building in those books. Every one just added a new layer and made me see hints from the last one in a new light.


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