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Beach Read Review Beach Read eBook: Henry, Emily: Kindle Store

Beach Read by Emily Henry



January believes in happy endings, and write romance. Augusts believes in the darker side of life. They’re complete opposites. The only thing they share is the same view of Michigan, and writer’s block. So they make a deal, they write each other’s genres to see who can do it better.

My Thoughts:

I went into this book expecting a book I’d read on the beach (for obvious reasons). Some fluffy romance, a little emotional turmoil, maybe a fun look into a writer’s writing process since they’re both writers. But NO. This book is a book about emotions. It’s about grief, and loss, and sadness, and growing past the bad. Both characters are grieving over the loss of a big part of their lives. It toes the line of heavy topics, and it really feels like it’s emulating life in that there are only spurts of happiness, and sometimes even those can get clouded. It felt real. If you pointed to two random people on the street and told me they inspired the book, I’d believe you! Even their problems felt so incredibly real. And it helps that this book took place in my state (Why did no one tell me?? I’m even from the shore of Lake Michigan! I know where this place is emulating!)

Like I said above, this book felt real. I was so surprised at how amazing of a job Henry did at creating life like characters. Her writing portrayed grief and emotions in such a weird way that I had to text my friend and tell her she reminds me of January to a T that it scared me. I am sad though, as much as I was upset with In a Holidaze for being too fluffy, I was upset with this one for not being fluffy enough. I was hoping for so more banter and less lack of communications. This honestly felt like a literary fiction with a dash of romance to me more than an outright romance. I’m sad that I didn’t love this book as much as everyone else, but I think the title was a misleading choice for such a emotion filled book.

Would I recommend?

Yes I would! Everyone seems to love this book! I do think you should go into it knowing it’s emotional, not a light happy beachy book. Heck they go to the beach twice (once at night) so it’s really not a BEACH book. But if emotional connections as opposed to light and *steamy* scenes are your jam, then this is perfect for you!

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  1. I’m sorry you didn’t get quite as much fluff as you were expecting 😂 Personally, I love some good emotional depth and don’t usually end up liking books that are just steaminess and fluff, so this was perfect! I thought all the dark themes were the perfect balance for all the steam that we did get – like that one in the basement… 😍 But anyway, I hope you enjoy your next read more!

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  2. I also expected a BEACH read!!! This book was really good and I loved how it handled grief and loss, but it definitely was not what I expected. I think that’s a marketing thing on the publisher’s part. This book had a lot going for it, but not as a fluffy romance book. – Amber

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  3. Ha! I also went into it expecting fluff, but was shocked to find otherwise. I loved January so much though, I connected with her and felt so strongly about her journey as if it was my own. I just finished this book and came looking for others who have read it just to feel like the story isn’t over just yet.

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