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Hey guys! Sorry I accidentally took a 2 week hiatus! I didn’t mean to, but I haven’t really been feeling like typing or reading, or doing much for that matter. But here I am hoping things are only going to improve.

This week I’m hoping to read more of (or even finish) The Helm of Midnight and Lore. Yeah still those two books lol. But I’ve made decent progress in one of them, so you know a girl can dream.

My island though in Animal Crossing has improved immensly. I finally got to terraform, which mean finally getting rid of the rano cliff in the middle of my island, and getting to change things to how I want them to be. I’ve spent 360,000 bells to move things, and still have all the villager homes left. Yes I died a little inside. But you know oh well.

Other than that I haven’t done much. Work has been kicking my butt, and I haven’t had the mental capacity to even take my dog on long training walks. But I did get an air fryer. I didn’t read much in January, in fact it was only A Clockwork Orange and Beach Read. So minorly disappointing, but things happen!

I don’t have much else planned either. I do have reviews written for In a Holidaze and Beach Read. So look forward to those, and hopefully I’ll be back to my schedule soon! How about you guys? How have you been these last few weeks?

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  1. Woo! Finally getting to terraform is a good feeling. I also moved every single building on the island afterward, and it may have cost me all my bells, but it was very nice afterwards! Did you know that you can duplicate custom paths in your custom design thing? and then if you make your path using a custom design then replace it with a different one, it will change the path everywhere it appears on your island?!?
    I read a lot and blogged not very much, but I have some ideas and have finally got my stats in order so I will be able to a 2020 wrap up post before too long and eventually my Rhythm of War review!!

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  2. I read around 6 books so far for January, haha and the last book I’ve read was The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue, and I have a lot to unpack with that book hahaha. I’m thinking of wanting to read less for February, since I want to focus more on art and writing rather than reading.

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  3. Can’t raid to read your Beach Read and In a Holidaze reviews! I also didn’t feel too productive in January. I rad 6 books, but then his a serious reading slump and haven’t picked up a book in two weeks. Hoping to get out of that soon, but it is what it is 🙂 Love hearing about your Animal Crossing island. I want to buy a Switch basically so I can play that game. – Amber

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  4. Oof, work can sure hit hard, can’t it? I hope things ease up for you soon. I’m glad you’re still fitting in some time for the things (and dog) you love. And that air fryer could be an interesting experience!

    My reading is a bit paused due to working on a post right now, but I did get to read the latest Invisible Library book. It feels like things are working up to a new kind of long-range plot instead of each book being relatively separate.

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