Weekly Reads

Hello, hello! Happy Monday! What are all of you up to this week?

I have a rather average week coming up! I have my normal work schedule, I’m trying to decorate my island in Animal Crossing, and hopefully will read. I didn’t do a weekly reads post last week, partly because I forgot, but mostly because I wasn’t reading anything.

After reading two not so good to “meh” books, I’m kind of in a reading slump. I don’t really want to read because I don’t want another average book, but also I’m really liking the books I’m reading so who knows. I’m currently in the middle of Lore and just started The Helm of Midnight and they’re both great! But I’m afraid of having a third book turn into just average, or below average. What a way to start 2021!

What about you guys? How has your year been going? What are you reading right now?

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  1. At least you’re enjoying the books you’re currently reading!
    I’m currently listening to the audiobook of Mythos and even though I just got two ARCs from Netgalley, a comic and a craft book, both of which would be easy to read and review if I sat down to do that, and also still have Lord of the Rings on my bedside locker, I’m now looking at my shelf wondering what I should pick up.

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      1. I started one arc from back in September…the book came out in October…I think I’m about 30% into it but I still plan on finishing it and writing a review! Or so I keep saying to myself 😀 It’s not even a book I hate, I actually really like it but just keep forgetting to pick it up!
        And yes – Mythos is very good! Great source for learning all about the Greek gods in an entertaining way.

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  2. I love that one of your focuses is your Animal Crossing island! Sorry to hear you’re in a reading slump from reading meh books. That is the worst. I’m in a weird slump too. I read 3 solid 4/5 star reads to start my year and then one book I really didn’t like and now I’m just not wanting to read anything cause it either won’t live up to the first three books or will follow suit with the last book I read 🤷‍♀️ Also, hope you enjoy Lore! I haven’t read it yet, but hoping to soon. – Amber

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