Best & Worst of 2020

Is 202 over already? Yes. Did I wait to write this until my birthday? Also yes. Do I regret it? Maybe.

But without further ado, here’s my best and worst of 2020! I’m including both books, and life events in here! Mostly because I don’t have too many life events, and I reviewed most of these books!

Best of Life:

  • I adopted a beautiful dog (who pops up on here from time to time)
  • I got a job and got to move out of my parent’s house, during a pandemic
  • I started using Hello Fresh, so I can now say I cook

Worst of Life:

  • The pandemic obviously
  • I had to say goodbye to my 15 year old border collie

And now that those are out of the way, what you all came here for! The best and worst books………

Best Books:

  • Burn by Patrick Ness. It was so good! I have my review here, so go check it out. Honestly my thoughts haven’t changed from that review. Some of the quotes in that book still stick with me, and it was honestly refreshing to have a YA book stick with me
  • Tomie I didn’t do a full review for this (I talked about it in my best books of 2020 so far), but it was SO GOOD. I read 4 bind ups/books that Junji Ito created and I loved them all, but Tomie stuck out specifically.
  • Take a Hint, Dani Brown, for obvious reasons. I loved everything about it, and I stand by my tweet that I’m trash for Talia Hibbert’s books. She could write a book about dirt particles and I’d read it immediately. You can find my review here!
  • Ninth House by Leigh Bardugo. I’ve talked about this nonstop, so I’ll just leave my review here and say I’m not sorry for the nonstop gushing.
  • Catherine House this one was SUCH a surprise. It has such a low rating on Goodreads (partially because I think it’s labeled wrong), and I adored it. It felt so raw and real, and the ending was so. So. I don’t want to say and spoil it, but it felt so right. You can find my thoughts here!

Worst Books:

This is always such a sad section for me. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not afraid to talk about why I didn’t like a book. I think that helps others decide if they want to try it. But it makes me sad, because there’s always one or two books I was SURE I’d love. This year, unfortunately was no different.

  • Star Daughter this one shouldn’t be a surprise. I literally titled my review Star Daughter Rant. Because I was so angry at myself for not liking it. And alas, it has found its home on here.
  • The Institute by Stephen King. I didn’t write a review on this, and honestly I don’t have much to say. This just felt like a massive waste of time to read. It’s a story about children that have special abilities. There’s heaps of books out there about this, and honestly they do it better in less pages. (don’t even get me started on the fact that I believe King should be edited down more, and this book didn’t need to be so long)
  • The Secret History. Man I HATED this book. Not as much as A Separate Piece, but it made me think I hated Dark Academia books, but I was wrong. I hate pretentious dark academia books.
  • The Southern Book Club’s Guide to Slaying Vampires I have no more words. You can find my review here!
  • A Burning. I feel like this doesn’t necessarily belong on this list because I just don’t have super strong feelings. But when I look back on it, I get a little angry it didn’t have the commentary I was searching for. My review can be found here.

That’s it for my best and worst list! How about you guys? I know I’ve seen a lot of posts and I’m just late to the party (when am I not?) But I’d still love the hear!

14 thoughts on “Best & Worst of 2020

Add yours

  1. I guess I LOVE pretentious dark academia books 😂😂 I absolutely adored The Secret History 😉 And Ninth House, too – they actually have me quite similar vibes, so it’s interesting that you felt so differently about them!

    As to the other books on your lists, I haven’t read any of them yet – but Dani Brown and Burn were already on my radar, so it’s good to know that you approve! Hopefully, I’ll end up loving them as well 😊

    Also, congrats on moving out, getting a job and dog, and “cooking”! I’m very impressed by all these adulting skills and should definitely take a leaf out of your book regarding some of them 😂

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  2. I love that you have a best and worst for life as well as books!

    Let’s see. Burn would definitely be on my best list too. Also A Song Below Water, Cemetery Boys, and Slay. Worst…probably The Wist List by Eoin Colfer. None of the reviews I read warned me about the horrible faux-Japanese villain! 😣

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Ohhh I’ve been wanting to read Dani Brown. And congrats on the job and moving out in the middle of a pandemic. I really want to try Hello Fresh one day! It looks so good. The Southern Book Club’s Guide to Slaying Vampires was also one of my worst books of 2020. That book was just-I also don’t have words lol. Great post! – Amber

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