Weekly Reads & December Wrap-Up

Wow! I managed to push my weekly reads all the way back to a THURSDAY!

I’m honestly shocked it took me this long to push it back so far.

I don’t have too much to say, I’m trying to get myself out of the holiday mood and back into regular mode. My plans for this week aren’t much reading. I celebrated my birthday yesterday, and it’s already Thursday so hopefully I’ll make a good dent in Beach Read. I’m 150 pages in now, so I have hope for myself.

My December wrap-up though! It’s more books than I’ve read in previous months, but most of the books were “meh”. I read 8 books, so buckle up!

  • Song of the Sandman this was an e-arc I got and you can find my review of this slasher here!
  • Mexican Gothic this was a fun slow burn that I read in one day, you can find my full thoughts here.
  • Winter Counts an own voices crime thriller that tackles some important topics. You can find my review here
  • Over the Woodward Wall the book within a book for Middlegame. It was a cute audiobook, I honestly felt just kinda meh.
  • A Good Marriage my first legal thriller!! So good!
  • A Deadly Education a dark academia book with magic! I have a review coming, but as a sneak peek, I was honestly just very muddled about my feelings
  • In a Holidaze I have a review coming for this as well! It was a fluffy holiday rom-com, I just didn’t really care for the main girl.
  • Miracle Creek my second legal thriller! So go me! The character work in this book is impeccable.

Other than that, I’m planning on staying away from the snow plaguing my windows lol. How about you guys? What are your plans? What did you read in December? Anything AMAZING?

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