Writing Update

WOW. Okay, so it’s been a HOT minute since I did one of these, and even longer since I did a real one. But I finally have enough to count as an update, albeit a minor one.

I’ve been skating away at the notebook and pen trying to come up with a concept, and by that I mean writing a few words and a lot of question marks. But hey it’s a process.

I’ve come up with the bare bones of a magic system, but not an overarching plot. I know in my last book I was pretty mute, but I’m gonna outline my idea for a magic system here cause I want your guys thoughts! Aka I want to be sure I’m not hopping into the *too morbid* territory.

So I want my story to be split into at least two perspectives. The people who use magic the way it’s intended, which is by causing pain to oneself. And those that use the pain of others, because they think it makes the magic stronger.

The pain is the basis of the magic. It has to be centered in a circle of sorts, and the amount of pain has to be equal to the amount of magic desired. Too much pain for little magic can cause explosions or it to be ruined. Too little pain and nothing happens at all.

I know it’s kinda morbid lol, but I wanted a plot line of people trying to find if there’s other ways to use magic, and looking into the beginning of magic.

What do you guys think? Like I said it’s very barebones lol.

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  1. I’m all here for morbidity! If there’s no price to magic, it just makes it all-powerful and uninteresting 😉 (Also, if you’re looking for inspiration: Brandon Sanderson has uploaded a bunch of his lectures on writing fantasy on YouTube where he discusses this kind of stuff. I think they’re super interesting, even though I do mostly use them for procrastination purposes 😅😂)

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  2. That sounds like a fantastic concept for a magic system! I read fantasy novel once (name escapes me) where magic power was based on asceticism, the more a magic user indulged in a luxuriant lifestyle the lesser their power.
    Your idea is more intense, and it’s got a conflict built right into it! Good luck on your book!

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  3. This is a really interesting concept! I love it when magic has consequences and limits. One thing I would maybe consider is the ones who cause pain to themselves for their magic, and how that relates to self-harm and how self-harm is represented. It’s not something I’m really in a position to comment on but something to think about maybe? as it sprung to mind when I read your idea.

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  4. I really like it! I’m always here for the morbid stuff, so I definitely don’t think it sounds too morbid. I love that the magic seems to have rules and boundaries with how much pain is available. And you’ve kind of got a conflict built in with where characters fall on the spectrum of using their own pain or someone else’s. Can’t wait to see where you go with this! – Amber

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  5. Actually, I think this sounds fascinating! It makes me think about all the ways we interact with pain in our lives. Having the distinction be between those who use their own pain and those who use others’ pain seems especially pertinent in this age of social media where some people seem to thrive on pushing pain on others and it sometimes does give them power.

    I also think having the driving force of magic be pain makes it more concrete and visceral as a price. I’ve seen many magic systems where the use of magic takes from the user, and often that creates pain, but exactly what is taken can be vague. Pain is something we can pretty much all relate to, which takes this fantastic element and makes it understandable at a gut level.

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