(A LOooOng and Overdue) Writing Update!

I was getting ready to sit down and update you all on my book, when I realized it’s been MONTHS since I said anything about it. Which I guess we can’t be surprised. I’m your resident ghoster (which I promise I’m sorry for and I’m gonna try REAL HARD to not do that anymore).

But here’s my update:

There isn’t one.

That’s right. There isn’t one. I completely abandoned the project.

I realized my heart wasn’t in it anymore, and I couldn’t think of a character’s name so I literally named him George (with a comment every time I used his name saying: get a better name u dummy). So yeah I scrapped it and haven’t written anything new since.

I did however read a lot of books so far. And now I can say that I do have an idea for what I want to write, it’s just a case of getting everything down and planned. Not planned in the sense of the plot, but planing the world and magic system.

Yeah I’m gonna write a fantasy. Or at least try to. We’re gonna see where my brain takes me, because we know I get distracted after 10 minutes of focusing.

But yeah that’s it. Rather lack luster. A little sad to be abandoning a 24,000 word project. But oh well. Life happens am I right?

What are you guys working on? Anything new? Anything being revised?

2 thoughts on “(A LOooOng and Overdue) Writing Update!

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  1. Sometimes a story just doesn’t work out. I’ve had that many times where an idea sounded great when I pitched to myself, but no matter what I did, it just went flat. In that case, I think it really is better to drop it and either take a break or start something new. I hope this new project works some magic for you!

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    1. I agree! It also doesn’t help that no matter how hard I tried it turned into a dystopian story and I did not want that lol. And thank you!!

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