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Yet Another Writing Update

Wow, so I guess I haven’t posted in a long time. Maybe a month? It’s been a while, and I apologize. School has literally taken over my life. I am drowning in homework, and despite having an entire week off I’m still drowning. My professors just used it as a time to give extra long lectures over YouTube. It was a lot.

But anyway, I’m back. For now. With ANOTHER writing update.

I hit 21,000 words!!!!!! I hit another huge milestone in my book, and I am so excited.

It’s been rather hard to find a balance between school work, and writing. But I’m still writing at least.

I think so far I’ve fleshed things out a little more of what I want to happen, but I’m scared this section of my story is going to be a little boring. MY story is told through one P.O.V. and right now she’s getting healed and learning how to use a type of magic. But I’m scared if someone reads it they’ll be bored. But I’m getting waay ahead of myself. I need to write out everything I want to get out before I worry about revising and what people would want to read.

Anyway, I’ve noticed I’m not a super big descriptive writer until it comes to something kind of grotesque. But I think it works in my story since a large aspect to it is death.

The bright side is I’m still having a lot of fun writing this story, but I still have no idea when it’ll end. I think I might be about 1/4 into it, but that’s not word wise, that’s more so plot-wise. I’m scared to say its a hard 1/4 through because I think the climax and the resolution of my story are gonna have a lot more words than my rising action has so far.

I’m hoping to get 30,000 words by the time it’s March. Overall my goal is basically to write 10,000 words a month during school, and maybe try to bump it up to 20,000 a month during the summer months. I think 10,000 words is very achievable for the course of a whole month since whenever I write I tend to write anywhere between 500-1,000 words in a sitting.

My overarching goal for this project is to finish and go through one round of revisions in time to enter a mentorship program. I think this would be very effective for me since I would have a seasoned writer helping me improve my story, as well as teaching me HOW to improve such a long piece of writing.

I’m super excited to keep going. I’ve also learned that I don’t like writing down every single aspect of my story, I’ve been having fun just writing as I get to it. That may or may not bite me in the butt down the line, but as of right now I’m having a lot of fun.

Hopefully, I’ll be back super soon with another writing update, and who knows maybe a blog post that doesn’t even have to do with writing.


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