Why a Blog?

This question has been on my mind for weeks now. Each time a thought that pops in my head that I want to talk about in depth, I think “why not create a blog?”

But of course several cons come about immediately. “What if no one reads it,” “What if my friends find my blog,” “Why do I need to put my thoughts and feeling out onto the internet.” are some of the most common ones.

Finally I have come up with answers to each of these questions, the first two I feel no need to answer, as I decided I’m doing this for me (I guess a part of me always wanted to be that nicely dressed lady typing out tragically blunt and relatable content). I want to type out the things I’m thinking, but I don’t want to have everything saved on my computer. Having everything saved makes me feel like I’m keeping secrets, when in reality I want to talk about these things, but am trying to keep from annoying my friends.

The last one though, that bothered me for a long while. But the more I thought about creating a blog, the more the answer to it became apparent. I don’t necessarily need to put them onto the internet, but I want to. I don’t care if people do or do not read my posts. I don’t care if people hate them. I want them out on the internet, so that I can have a definitive timeline of my growth as a human being, and how my opinions have changed throughout time. I also need to get these thoughts out of my head, so I can try to bring myself some kind of peace, whether or not that actually happens we will see.

So here we are. I finally created a blog. I am actually very excited to go though all my thoughts. This past summer I have moved, and secured a job. These things are normally very exciting, and deserve a pat on the back. However, for me it brought up so many questions. The first of which being “how did I manage this.” That question I will hopefully be able to answer soon, and as my blog go on. But for now I am still floundering to find an answer.

This question also brought up several others, many of which I plan to go over in later posts. I am only here to give a “brief” description of why I am here. Hopefully I don’t bore anyone (including myself) later.

So, without further rambling on why I made this, I guess I’ll get into the actual introductions.

Hello, welcome to my blog. I am currently a college student named Nicole. I’m not sure how much information is needed to fill out the introduction enough, so I guess I’ll give some random information.

I just finished moving to a city, I currently live with a dog and a cat (both of whom I’m sure will probably end up in some posts). I get horribly distracted, to the point I forget about things (so don’t be surprised if I disappear from this for months (that is if anyone ends up reading it)).

Growing up, I was your standard child: loud, slightly irritating, not sorry for anything. I guess these traits have also shown up in my young adult-life. Hopefully I’ll find out just how much throughout the use of this blog.

Moving on, this is my first time ever having a personal blog, all my others have been dedicated to something. I had a indie band blog, where I looked for unknown bands, I had a blog that I had to use for a class (that I’m sure is still up on this website somewhere), and for a very brief amount of time in sixth grade, I had a fandom blog. So I figured it was time to do this for myself.

I will also in the future include pictures and snapshots of the things I am talking about, to help “spruce up” and keep my posts from looking bland and stereotypical (since I know I am not a huge fan of those blogs).

For the time being that’s all I can think of to include in introductions. As I don’t want to say too much, and end up repeating myself in future blog posts. Plus I’m trying to air of the side of mystery. Even though that it the exact opposite goal of this blog.

But, until next time, thank you for taking your time to read my rambling.

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